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The modern, flexible textile industry comes together at the Euratex Convention

The modern, flexible textile industry gathers at the Euratex Convention.

Textils Mora S.A.L. participated in all the activities.

This week, representatives of the European textile industry gathered in Ontinyent. 200 companies from across the Continent attended, to talk about the opportunities and challenges that our sector, which has already shown its strength and flexibility in recent years, faces.

Textils Mora took part in all the activities organised by EURATEX (European Textile and Apparel Confederation), bringing to the table our experience as a traditional manufacturer which understands how to evolve with the times and incorporate advanced technology and agile production processes into our business model.

At Textils Mora we have been a leader in technical quality, materials and production for 50 years, with collections which are famous for their softness, feel and distinction. We are a modern and sustainable manufacturer, eminently capable of adapting to the needs of our clients and the latest market trends.

This week, Ontinyent has been at the epicentre of European textile manufacturing. Representatives from across Europe met in Spain for the first time at a meeting titled “Interregional cooperation as a motor for industrial modernisation in the textile and garment-making sectors”. An excellent chance to exchange ideas and open up new opportunities for the textile industry.

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