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Opening new horizons with Premium and Hábitat

Textils Mora presents its new Sofing collection at the Hábitat Fair in Valencia

September was a month of new collaboration, a new chapter and just good news in general.

Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar and Habitat has enabled Textils Mora to gain an entry into a new market, interior design and furniture, through its Sofing collection. And as strength comes from union, we were not alone at the two flagship furniture events.

In Madrid, we were represented twice at the indispensable event for home textiles: with UNIFAM (Unión Nacional de Fabricantes de Alfombras, Moquetas, Revestimientos e Industrias afines y Auxiliares) and with our own stand, a space which introduced everyone to the quality and possibilities of our Sofing collection, which includes rugs and sofa blankets, which blend impeccable craftsmanship with fresh warm designs.

Sofing strengthens the decorative nature of our ranges and caught the eye of everyone who visited the fair which this year is even more international with more overseas visitors than ever before, from 33 countries.

The timeless quality of our products, present in 65 countries, combined with the innovative designs of Sofing, is opening up new outlets for us in furniture and decoration.

The new collection is making inroads both at home and abroad and our collaboration with other partners has enabled us to show it on three different stands at the Valencia Hábitat fair.

Sofing’s rugs and blankets had their own space on Gamamobel’s stand while with Fama and Acomodel we got the chance to show off our experience and know-how as rug manufacturers for other companies under the Textils Mora brand.

The versatile nature of Textils Mora, married to the synergies stemming from collaborative projects, enables us to reach new markets and introduce the quality and functionality of our products to a wider audience in the furniture and interior design markets.

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