Your home is a reflection of you and your personality. Everything you choose to surround yourself with becomes of your life's story, representing emotions and memories you will cherish forever. A favourite film, a cosy chat or a warm embrace always feel better under one of our blankets. We want to be part of your life's memorable little moments.

High quality fabrics and textiles whose very touch instantly makes you feel better and more comfortable, relaxing you and helping you unwind; blankets, cushions and pillows to make us feel more cosy snug in the living room.

Carpet D.H43 C.05

Plaid D.H44 C.03


Carpet D.H40 C.05

Sofing decorates your living room

The quality of each and every Sofing article, lovingly made in our factory, lets everyone in the family create their own personal comfortable place.

Carpet D.H43 C.16

Plaid D.H40 C.05

Plaids, carpets and cushions

Sofing presents a range of articles for your living room with many different influences where the colour, contemporary design and the softness of the fabric all blend to heighten your feeling of wellbeing. Six different ranges of rugs, cushions and blankets share a common aestethic concept which will fill your living room with elegance.

Alfombra D.H41 C.01

All our articles are benchmarks for quality and stand out for their soft feel, warmth and comfort. Their delicate sophistication is equally at home in the living room or bedroom, guaranteeing your comfort and wellbeing.

More than sixty years' experience making fabrics blends perfectly with our contemporary designers to create a collection of blankets, rugs and cushions to make your living room a little oasis of within our homes, far from the stress and strain of everyday life.

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