Let us be with you in your comfort zone.

Your home is a reflection of you, of your personality. The objects you choose are part of the story of your life, sensations and memories that are kept forever in your memory. A movie, a conversation or a hug is always best enjoyed under the shelter of a sofa blanket. We want to accompany you in those pleasant and memorable moments.

Flowers, colors and prints dress up those special moments and turn the living room into a serene and welcoming refuge that invites you to feel good. A collection of plaids, rugs and cushions designed to be combined with each other and that aspire to be part of your comfort zone, providing personality, comfort and, above all, shelter and comfort to your favorite space at home.

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The entire collection of textiles for your bedroom with the best selection of blankets, sheets and bedspreads, quilts, rest and rugs. With the quality guarantee of Textiles Mora.

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Decoration & Style

Combine your sofa with the latest plaid designs, enhance the living room with patterned rugs in more than 15 drawings and feel relaxed in the most comfortable space in the home.

Innovation and Sostenibility

We are committed to creating textiles in a more humane way, more collaborative and more committed to the protection of nature.

Sustainable Products

We are the first textile company in Spain to reduce its emissions for 3 consecutive periods. Another way of producing is possible.

Brand New with Responsibility

We want to dress your house, your home. But we want to do it responsibly, offering you environmentally sustainable products.