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Innovation: the key to the present and future

Companies don’t advance without innovation and neither does society. At Textils Mora we know that only too well. In fact, innovation and the constant search for new solutions is integral to our values and philosophy.

Innovation specifically was one of the key notes at the recent AGM of FEVES the Valencian Federation of Companies in the Social Economy, whose Board we sit on.

As strength comes from union, we want to work shoulder to shoulder with other organisations who share our ideas and our vision of collaborative working.

The AGM was held at the headquarters of FEVES in Valencia, and was also the platform from which the organisation revealed its plans for 2019. Guest speaker was the vice-president of the board of AVI, the Valencian Agency for Innovation, Andrés García Reche, who highlighted the importance of innovation and new technologies and their potential for becoming competitive opportunities.

He spoke of the work being undertaken by working groups at AVI, who are sitting down with companies, technology institutes and the scientific community to achieve the transformation of the Valencian manufacturing sector through innovation and the incorporation of advanced know-how in the private sector.

The meeting was an opportunity to analyse the current state of the social inclusion economy in the Region of Valencia and to exchange points of view on the future.

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