As night falls and the lights fades, our energy levels drop away, emotions soften and the temperature follows suit. That's when you miss the warmth of the home, your soft bed and the peace and quiet of the bedroom.

The bedroom is where we go to relax, where we rest and lie peacefully in the arms of Morpheus. This is where blankets, pillows, sheets, mattresses, duvets and covers decorate the bed.

Harmony B45 plain blanket

Unique F01 blanket


D.H45 C.16 blanket

A safe heaven

A range of bedding made from the finest fabrics in a wealth of designs to perfectly match the special character and feeling of the season and each of our personal tastes. These fabric turn your bedroom into a heaven of peace where you can relax, think only happy thoughts, cuddle up with a good book, enjoy a film or simply share time with the family.

ECO E92 sofa blanket

D.H45 C.06 carpet

Blankets were our beginning

Blankets have always been the star of our collections and are famous for their softness, texture, warmth and sophistication. Light and warm, strong and long-lasting, our blankets are designed for every season of the year and any age.

D.H45 C.02 pillow

The ideal thing for feeling safe and warm in winter's coldest months.

Available in a range of sizes, textures, fabrics and designs to match every home and personality.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, but how much we enjoy those hours of rest depends on our mood.

Get inspired


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